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Mavin Software Value

Mavin is an open platform that supports open, non-proprietary access control hardware like Azure, Mercury, and others "simultaneously."

You can keep and even expand your existing Mercury hardware or expand and upgrade to Azure hardware, and both work together as a unified solution.

Customers can profit from the ultimate flexibility and protection against being locked into one manufacturer's platform.

Your access control hardware represents over 85% of your total system investment. Don’t be fooled into proprietary hardware only supported by one software platform!

Mavin is a Software Platform with Many Dimensions

* Open design that supports Mercury and Azure HW at the same time.

* Fully featured and integrated modules.

* TAG objects infrastructure – endless integration possibilities.

* Built to scale – size and markets.

* Open API – IT expects.

* Numerous compute platforms.

* Robust security and up-time options.

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Mavin Software Ecosystem

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Mavin System Architecture

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Partial Range of Technology Partners and Integrations

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Mavin-Azure PACS Boards Overview

BLU-IC2: Mavin’s Azure Access Board is a lead Controller board that offers high-security communication and flexibility.

BLU-R12M: Reader-interface board is a low-profile 2-door control device.

BLU-IO168: Input-Output board with encrypted communication 16 supervised input points and 8 output relays.

BLU-I16N: communication to other boards with 16 supervised input points.

BLU-O8N: 8 output relays.

BLU-IO21: Equipped with 2 supervised input points and 1 output relay.

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Mavin-Azure Access PACS Product Sheets

BLU-IC2 High-Speed, 2-Reader Network Controller

(2 Reader ports, 8 Supervised Inputs, 4 Outputs, 2 RS-485, 1 Ethernet port)

BLU-R12M Downstream Reader- Interface Board

(2 Readers, 6 Supervised Inputs & 4 Relay Outputs)

BLU-IO168 Downstream Input/OutputBoard

(16 Supervised Inputs & 8 Outputs)

BLU-I16N Downstream Input Board

(16 Supervised Inputs, Network Connection

BLU-O8N Downstream Output Board

(8 Outputs, Network Connection)

BLU-IO21 Downstream Input/Output Board

(2 Supervised Inputs & 1 Output)

HID Mercury Controllers 

       - Seamlessly Supported by Mavin Software

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