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Single Source of Truth for Identities


Do you want to improve security, reduce errors, and ensure the most accurate status of cardholders? Does your HR System synchronize with your security platform in real time, not a manual duplication process?

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Tying Access Permissions to Training Certifications


Do you need your security platform to automatically  revoke access to specific areas or assets if an individual's training certifications or security clearances have expired?

Automating Event Workflows


Do you need to automate your alarm event business rules so you can, in real time, map the alarm location and stream live video, and automatically message security resources in any specific area?

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Automating Trouble-Service Ticketing


Does your security platform allow you to integrate with COTS ticketing applications? If "any" device attached to the platform fails to communicate for more than a set time parameter, can your system automatically initiate a trouble ticket to inform stakeholders and service providers and track the resolution?

Software Industry Standard - API

(No Code) Integration


Does you current security platform allow for secure and cost effective API integration to your existing business applications, or is it a long, expensive software code development that is continually outdated and holding up software upgrades to other critical applications?

Do you need those API Integrations to seamlessly interact with "all" the other integrated applications within your environment?

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Is it time to ask why your "solution" lacks so many capabilities?


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