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Mavin Technologies is a Physical Access Control (PACS) Software company. Founded in mid 80s as a unit of LITTON Scientific, MAVIN Solutions are designed for SMB and enterprise applications. Now in its fourth generation and countless release versions, and with no customer left behind, MAVIN delivers smart, user friendly, secure access control solutions that achieve high reliability and optimum performance.


Mavin is comprised of modules for access control, people and credential management, alarm monitoring, action and event scheduling, front desk identity verification, and real-time device status monitoring. MAVIN provides the market with the best Total Solution. Today we offer a solution set that includes MAVIN Software, AZURE ACCESS PACS Hardware, and robust API integration capabilities.


MAVIN customers tell us our knowledge, process and follow through for service is innovative and unusually comprehensive, providing the highest Return on Investment and reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

Connect or call us today to find out how we can do this for you.

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Take Integration Further™

Make Security Secure™

Security management systems integration typically stops within the physical electronic security ecosystem. An access control system with a video system and so on. Depending on your requirements, such an approach could be sufficient, but many customers need much more, even for security management.


MAVIN’s philosophy is to Take Integration Further and address security practitioner’s ever-expanding opportunity to partner with IT, HR, Facility Operations, and Enterprise Planning – all to address overall business-organization strategy, productivity, security, and risk management objectives.


You can expect:

  • To leverage investments across the enterprise.

  • Utilize multiple hardware panels with one software solution.

  • Automated workflows that are manual today.

  • Access Control software that supports integration with other open hardware devices and software.

  • Identities of employees and contractors to flow across enterprise systems from one single source of truth.



MAVIN offers complete Open Security Device Protocol (OSDP) capabilities for panels/boards as a system. So, from controller to reader and anything in between you can trust that your Security System is Secure!


Just a few considerations:

  • More secure than the most common access control protocols and uses high-end AES-128 encryption, better protection for brand, people, and assets.

  • Guesswork is eliminated since encryption and authentication are predefined; better security becomes the cost-effective baseline instead of being overlooked.

  • Constantly monitors wiring to protect against attack threats and makes use of 2 wires instead of 12+ for multi-drop installations; achieve better ROI and productivity.

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