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Mavin Technologies is proud to deliver comprehensive, customizable access management solutions - and the best customer service and support - across a full range of industries and markets.



The security of a cultural institution takes a level of vigilance that most institutions don't require. From irreplaceable artifacts to priceless works of art to the hundreds or thousands of patrons coming through your doors, you have to be able to take immediate action regardless of the security situation. Mavin is designed to give you the all-seeing view you need to protect - and handle- it all. 

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More so today than ever before, ensuring the safety of students, faculty and staff at colleges and universities has become paramount. When you add managing facilities, databases, access controls and an IT infrastructure to the mix, the entire system becomes exponentially more complex. You have to be dialed-in to the entire security picture 100% of the time. Mavin pulls it all together into the centralized view and control you need to simplify your security equation.



From day-to-day operations to the customers waiting in line in the lobby, the security of your financial institution is a significant responsibility. Not only do you need to be able to follow the money from deposit to armored vehicle, both physically and electronically as well, you need to know that every system that's meant to protect the assets and people within your walls is doing its job. Mavin provides you with a clear view of your entire security system, giving you even more control and peace of mind.



24 hours a day. Seven says a week. 365 days a year. The need to secure your company's assets and people never rests. That means that you have to have constant control and round the clock visibility of your entire system- from access control and alarm systems to CCTV surveillance to fire suppression and everything in between - so you can react immediately to any situation. Mavin not only gives you that control and visibility, our service and support never rest either.

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The budding cannabis industry has security concerns all its own. From ever changing regulations to redundancy requirements to data storage, Mavin is ready to take the hassle out of securing your CRB. Don't let security issues harsh your mellow! Whether it is a remote grow facility or an urban retail outlet, Mavin has you covered. Call us today.

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